2019 Age Divisions

League age determination - Player's age ON or BEFORE  July 31st.

AGE only Divisions: 




  • (4) or (5) nights per week @Beaver Creek Elementary School



  • (3) practice nights per week @DYW Fields and (1) Weekend Game (Team Practice nights determined by each Head Coach)



What is the difference between Varsity and Junior Varsity?
Varsity teams are teams that compete for a league championship.
JV teams are instructional teams with no undue emphasis on winning.

Is DYW a traveling organization?
Yes, most of our schedule will be made up of teams in Chester County. Some games will be played in Delaware County. 

What does my contact football player need to buy for 1st day of practice?
We will provide your child with helmet, shoulder pads and a mouthpiece. You will need to provide cleats, socks, athletic supporter, girdle, pants, and practice jersey. Practice jerseys can be purchased at the Beaver Creek practice field.

Before my child can practice is a full medical clearance required?
Yes - A child will not be able to participate in contact or stunting drills until a medical clearance release is obtained from a physician.

For additional questions, please email Chris Shoemaker