RULES: (Mandated and monitored by the Bert Bell Memorial Conference)

  • Parents and fans must stay OUTSIDE the roped off areas of the game field.

  • Parents and fans should stay off the practice field during weekly practices unless otherwise instructed by a DYW Head Coach or DYW Board Member.

  • No yelling, screaming, or negative comments toward Officials during games. Bert Bell withholds the right to remove and consequently suspend any spectator in violation.

  • For safety and insurance concerns, NO animals are allowed at any member club field.

  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted by parents or fans at any Bert Bell sponsored playing field or parking lot.


Show your passion, but show your respect.  It wouldn’t quite be the same game without passionate fans, screaming their support from the sidelines.  And anyone who says they’ve never felt frustrated or disgruntled over a botched play or call is most certainly lying.  That said, please refrain from taking your frustration out on our volunteer coaching staff or others on the field.  If you have questions, have a polite respectful conversation after the game, and most importantly remember to set a good example for all the young athletes present.  They are watching.